RGTIL : Victims United :17

Hello World,
It is decided to organise all RGTIL/Relogistics/Reliance victims on all India basis on the pattern of Gandevi Taluka RGTIL Prabhavit Khedut Samiti. i happen to be the convener of the same. Meanwhile i received the news regarding the arbitrary and objectionable methods of the Competent Authority of Relogistics Infrastructure Limited at Kakinada, East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. So i sent him a letter cum notice on 22-02-2011. i publish the same .The Competent Authority is likely to hold hearing today under Section 6 (1) of the P.and M.P.Act 1962.

Dt. 22-02-2011
The Competent Authority,
Relogistics Infrastructure Limited,
D. No. 67-11-21/2, Salsuja,
Opp. New Century Public school,
LB Nagar,
E.G. District, Andhra Pradesh.

Subject: Hearing under the P. &M.P.Act 1962, Sec. 6(1)

It is submitted herewith

1. That all hearings should be at Gram Panchayat Office at the respective Land owners’ place instead of Mandal Office,
2. That the respective village head / sarpanch, village clerk and five members of the panchayat or nominated by land owners should be there at the site of the hearing as observers & witness,
3. That no political leader should be allowed to remain present during hearing,
4. That individual hearing of each case should be held,
5. That persons other than the land owner, his/her representative, lawyer should be allowed to remain present during such proceedings,
6. That minutes should be maintained for each hearing and a copy of such minutes with signatures of the individuals present MUST be supplied to the land owner on the spot, on the same day.
7. That all land owners MUST be given a chance to lodge protest letter about such hearing,
8. That no land owner should be asked or requested to sign any where on any of the stationary already prepared by the Company or your office,
9. That all land owners should be at once provided with all the papers bearing signatures of land owners,
10. Panchnama of such individual hearing MUST be done on the same day, same time,
12. That the office of the Competent Authority is a quasi judicial office and has no authority whatsoever to decide unilaterally on Sec.6(1) hearings,
13. That all questions raised by Gandevi Taluka RGTIL Prabhavit Khedut Samiti are relevant to any hearing under Sec 3(1) & 6(1) under the P.M.P. Act 1962 any where in India and MUST be addressed to before holding any such hearing,
14. That several complaints have been received by us regarding irregularities by Reliance /RGTIL/Relogistics employees working for gas pipe line project which tantamount to fraud, forgery & cheating so names, photographs, address proofs of all such employees MUST be provided to individual land owner,
15. That name, address and contact numbers of proprietors of Reliance/RGTIL/Relogistics (whichever is applicable)and their contractors undertaking/implementing the under ground pipe line project MUST be given to all land owners prior to entering (or acquiring rights of user in) land,
16. That the District Collector & District Superintendent of Police MUST be informed prior to allowing/ employing ANY FOREIGN NATIONAL for such projects,
17. That this letter should be deemed as a legal notice and meant to be complied accordingly.
18. That the attachments be read with this submission for due perusal.

Thanking you,
Yours truly,

(Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai )
Desaibankim’s Blog: desaibankim.wordpress.com/rgtil-victims-united
Twitter : vasanji
Facebook : Bankimchandra Desai
1. The Hon’ble Chief Justice, High Court of Andhra Pradesh.
2. The Chief Minister, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh

Published on 26-02-2011.



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