Thanks and Salutes

Hello world,
i am indebted to
President : Bharatbhai Maganlal Naik : Amalsad
Vice President : Rajendrabhai I.Desai : Pipaldhara
Secretary : Girishbhai B. Naik : Vegam
Joint secretary : Amit N. Naik :Dhanori
Committee members:
Pareshbhai B. Naik : Dhanori
Jayeshbhai N. Vashi: Desad
Deepak K. Patel : Khergam
Hitesh R. Patel : Undach
Shaileshbhai M. Naik : Ambheta
Alay S. Naik : Vegam
jitendrabhai D. Mehta : Pipaldhara
Hemant V. Patel : Undach
and all “RGTIL VICTIMS” , land owners of Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka , Tamilnadu .

i dedicate this series to adivasi land owners of Pardi Taluka, Dist. Valsad, Gujarat and all land owners who are fragmented in all respects by RGTIL Pipe Line and pipelines of ONGC, GSPL and other such companies since 1962 with courtesy of Govt. of India, Judiciary and all political parties in the form of The P. and MP Act 1962 and The Land acquisition Act,1894.


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