RGTIL: Victims United:14

Hello World,

Wish you all a very happy, eventful, healthy, purposeful, successful, thrilling and romantic 2011.

i resume my series on RGTIL after a long pause and preparation.

As you all know Parimal Nathwani is a very important, powerful and heavy weight individual having a clout in political, industrial, social, religious and sports circles. He is better known as a Reliance-Mukesh Ambani’s man. Being a staunch loyalist from Dhirubhai Ambani’s initial years, he does not miss any opportunity to uphold, protect and further Dhirubhai Ambani’s and Mukesh Ambani’s interests. i have seen him as one of few pillars of Reliance Empire. He is a domicile of Ahmedabad, Gujarat and represents the state of Jharkhand as Member of Parliament in Rajya Sabha. He is a god fearing man having deep faith in Dwarkadhish and Shree Nathji. He is Narendra Modi’s wicket keeper in Cricket Association of Gujarat. Wherever he may be, his philanthropy and pursuits have something to do with his master, for now, Mukesh Ambani , his family and their interests.

His profile has interesting, amusing and contradictory aspects. He is a Gujarati and represents Jharkhand in Rajya Sabha. He is not a politician. He is not affiliated to any political party or group. Except filing his nomination papers, he did not have to contest actual election. He was declared ‘elected uncontested’. Like wise Gujarat sent many ‘useless and selfish’ outsiders to Rajya Sabha. For Gujarat, an outsider means an individual having no roots in Gujarat. By that definition, Parimal Nathwani is an outsider for every citizen of Jharkhand. Despite his adverse domicile, he represents that state. How? Why? Jharkhand is one of the backward, tribal states of India. Every meter of land in Jharkhand is rich in natural resources. It has abundance of God’s gifts and curses. Its politicians are very corrupt and every tribal knows them as God’s worst curse. They can be floored very easily with any number of any of Gandhi denominations!! Few of them are worth a bottle of whisky or brandy .Gandhi Party, BJP and other political parties were very happy to refrain from fielding any candidate against him. So he was an independent candidate but a ‘a man of all parties of all colours’. In a way God’s curse for people of Jharkhand proved and turned out to be a gift for Nathwani. New Delhi’s Thugs helped him a lot!That is all for free. Reason being Parimal Nathwani believes in similarities between his master, Dhirubhai Ambani with none other than Mahatma Gandhi! Jharkhand’s natural resources are now a sole item of agenda for Reliance and Mukesh Ambani. Parimal Nathwani as M.P. can facilitate his master’s activities in Jharkhand and New Delhi at the cost and risk of people of India. ‘Operation Jharkhand’ would be very cheap and easy as compared to ‘Operation Gujarat’. Chief ministers like Chimanbhai Patel, Madhavsinh Solanki, Amarsinh B. Chaudhari, Keshubhai Patel, Shankarsinh Vaghela and politicians like Jhinabhai Darji, Ahmad Patel, Kashiram Rana, Fakirbhai Chauhan et al were all too much eager and pleased to facilitate everything . The lands were acquired and handed over to Reliance and other industries at near throw away price. Of course it was for development and growth ! The High Command of Gandhi Party or BJP or NDA or UPA was always with Ambani. No problem about conservation of environment, ecology, settlement of displaced persons, compensation, future liability, illegal land encroachments, water , disposal of waste materials ,roads, electricity, labour strike and agitate by locals for jobs! The Low Command looked into it so that Ambani should not have any difficulty! Dhirubhai-Mukesh Ambani always took the High and Low Command for a ride and people of Gujarat were taken for granted . The government officers at New Delhi, Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar knew mutual worth and all of them were subservient as they are today.

What has happened during last decade is a recent story. The Wicket Keeper understands the Captain and the Umpire.. How would it be if the Wicket Keeper assumes the duty of an Umpire as an additional responsibility?!

I addressed the following letter to Parimal Nathwani. Its subject was : “ Setan Quotes Bible”

Dear Shri Nathwani,
i think you have excelled in writing a piece published in Divya Bhaskar.

Divya Bhaskar published Nita Ambani’s photograph with Bhajji with appropriate
caption. i have a full video. i sent it by e mail to Chitralekha editor
subsequent to their write up on Nita Ambani. It seems all RIL bosses are getting
Overweight, hence, requiring this sort of tests for measuring weight reduction. i
wonder who will lift you and certify that you have achieved weight reduction.
Divya Bhaskar has served the purpose of your doles!

Your media management is excellent but, as we all know, days of Niira Radia
are over. Better hire a Divya Bhaskar employee, possibly Ajay Umat or Shravan
Garg to put you RIL and other Mukesh Ambani companies in a true and better
perspective. Shobhaa De would be a still better option. She wrote an exclusive
piece on Antilia for TOI , moving herself from page three or edit page columnist
to a page one publicist. She did PR work for Nita Ambani’s dress designer .She
only spared details of innerwears of Ambani family and their designers!
Shobhaa is known by her description of starry nights! What a simple way of

Barring members of Gandhi Party BJP and the rest of parties as well as MPs, MLAs
, Mahatma Gandhi’s genetic inheritors are real poor Indians. In 2011, you need
to organise something to render help to needy inheritors of Mahatma as you and
RIL/RGTIL have done to farmers and land owners at Hajira, Jamnagar, other places
in Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamilnadu as your CORPORATE DUTY,
LIABILITY & RESPONSIBILTY For services to Mahatma’s real inheritors you and
your master will earn CSR CREDITS worth tons of publicity!

i reviewed your performance in Rajya Sabha.You can still do better. Your
activities in Jharkhand are under many national and international scanners .

BETTER CONCENTRATE on your master’s job in Gujarat. Hemant Desai and the rest
of your colleagues have rendered excellent services.

i am glad that RIL employees Jayesh Gajjar and Jatin Vakil agreed to vacate land
encroachment for RIL petrol pump at KACHAB, Tal. Pardi, Dist Valsad. i toured
and videographed RIL employees’ excellent performances for RGTIL. That is for
your knowledge .

GOG’s officers at Surat, Navsari and Valsad demanded contact numbers of RIL/
RGTIL owners and officers from complainants. it seems Hemant Desai has duped
them. Better provide correct numbers to concerned govt. offices from CMO to TDO
. Even CMO is found to be blank about it!


Wishing you a happy 2011,

Yours truly,

Dr. Bankimchandra M.Desai.

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JOKE OF 2010:
Parimal Nathwani , a Reliance employee and Gujarati MP from Jharkhand equates
His master’s voice!
“Setan quotes Bible”

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