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Hello world,
i have decided to give you regular updates of my comments and views on different issues and problems posted and published on Facebook sites of The Washington Post, The New York Times, BBC World News, The Economist, The Times of India, the New Indian Express, The Indian Express, The Statesman, The Hindustan times, The Hindu, The Telegraph, India Today, The Daily Mail.It will help you in knowing my vision as a freedom loving person .

Bad luck for Americans ! They fail to understand and realise that if one marries or does not marry, if at all a lady gets pregnant , it takes her 09 months to deliver a viable baby and economy in recession is not a human baby.They lost out on patience and sustainability counts .
The Washington Post 04 Nov 2010 ,7-04P.M.

We had many scams in the past involving prime ministers, defence ministers, finance ministers, food ministers, petroleum ministers and state chief ministers. The land scams and defence deals’ scams involving top army generals seal the final stamp on people’s confidence in the Establishment. The integrity and honesty of judges of Supreme Court and High Courts are available on premium prices !. Now China and Pakistan need not waste in military and terrorist software and hardware . They have to buy out Indian Cabinet Ministers and Army Generals who are readily available 24 x 7 x 12 at much cheaper price and efforts !
TOI Nov 04,2010,6-47 P.M.

Nothing strange about it. there is no question of any Indian disagreeing with the fact that Sonia Gandhi is the de facto Empress of India and Dr. Manmohan Singh Kohli is a regent general or de jure P.M.
TOI Nov.04,2010,6-54 P.M.

Why not ? Leaders are after all human beings as lively as we all are.Congressional electoral results are such, any sensitive leader would either cry or laugh in despair or extreme degree of joy. Both expressions are opposites that denote human emotions.
Response to BBC World News
Nov 05,2010

USA’s health care reforms were overdue. For how many years any president would stall it !? i think the one who is deprived of the cake part of the benefits , complains the most and maximum. When one says that US citizens did not like these reforms, i am inclined to believe that too many americans benefitted from the previous system.
The New York times 04-15 P.M.Nov.06,2010

In Pakistan,all military dictators tried to earn legitimacy by getting elected. The invented new type of democracies ! Everyone knows where Pakistan is and what happened to it. Let us hope, the history is not repeated in Burma.
Response to BBC World News.
04-26 P.M.Nov.06-2010

The Consulate General of USA in Mumbai just forgot that it is NOT PAKISTAN but INDIA waiting eagerly for President Obama ! Pakistan is the unproclaimed state of the USA !
Response to Times of India

The voters in the USA did not send any message , they just cautioned the President Obama to get close to politics of CONSENSUS.Indian politicians are masters in this craft ! Obama will witness it during his address to Indian Parliament !
Response to The Washington Post
04-42 P.M.Nov.06,2010

We have two BJP CMs in India.Narendra Modi never cries and Yedyyerruppa always cries! Both are lady- killers! Now can you expect Obama or Hu JinTao to learn anything ?
Response to BBC World News
04-52.P.M. Nov.06,2010

Republican leaders in the USA should appoint Prakash -Brinda Karat , Sitaram Yechuri & Mamata Banerjea to learn the methods to exert authority very effectively. President Obama will appoint them to learn the opposites!
Response to The Washington Post
05-03 P.M.Nov.06,2010

Only Nancy Pelosi can contain Republicans! Democrats must realise this to retain whatever is left !
Response to The New York Times /BBC World News

“BJP asks Centre to intervene in Ayodhya dispute ”
Source: The New Indian Express –
Published: 2010-11-06 09:09:00 GMT
My response/comments:
Once again a story of a monkey doing justice to cats ! BJP is a worthless , hopeless and spineless party .Only Narendra Modi can salvage it .

“Ask Obama to extradite Anderson, PM told : MP CM: The New Indian Express”
Instead BJP and all other parties must stress upon amending the P and MP Act,1962 and Land Acquisition Act to include and fix strict and stringent measures and responsibilities towards land owners and others affected by industrial activities of the company or industrialists acquiring land/s under these and other such acts .
05-55 P.M. Nov.06.2010

Published Nov.06,2010
06-26 P.M.
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