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New Tension for Narendra Modi

Bhartiya Janta Party’s landslide electoral victory in local self government bodies has created a vaccum as far as presence of opposition party is concerned.till to-date Congress high command has not been in a position to figure out the extent of damage, causes and remedies of this unexpected rout . Narendra Modi has emerged as a very strong contender for a coveted position of Prime Minister after the next Lok Sabha polls.Notwithstanding this,the
opposition to Narendra Modi’s colleagues and elected candidates is brewing. As reported in media,few of the would be corporators were spotted demanding and collecting their share at the private and municipal works sites. It is an open secret that Surat City BJP unit with the active help and consent of elected MPs, MLAs
collects as much as FIVE PERCENT of the approved tender amounts from all contractors operating in SMC & SUDA areas.Would be corporators and members of Jilla and Taluka panchayats and Nagarpalikas have taken a clue from this and have started “ SERVICE of the PEOPLE”.

Alarmed with this ugly situation , philanthropists have started a movement to awaken people and BJP leadership at Gandhinagar and New Delhi. A citizen, Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai of AMRI, Navsari has dashed of a letter to all municipal commissioners , chief officers , district collectors and district development officers urging them to be a watchdog against such ‘corrupt prajasevaks’ and report every case directly to Chief Minister, Shri Narendra Modi.

Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai is a regular contributor of Facebook and Twitter sites of Washington Post, New York Times, The Economist, BBC News, The Times of india, The Indian Express, The New Indian Express, The Hindu, The Statesman, The Telegraph and The Daily Mail.

He sent copy of this letter to nearly 300 of his numerous fans, friends and followers along with several leading opinion makers across the globe. Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai is the driving force behind a movement, ” RGTIL : Victims United” .He has organised a powerful, silent, democratic agitation against arbitrary attitudes of Reliance Gas Transportation Infrasturcture Limited and other private companies towards farmers and land owners in Gujarat, Andhra
Pradesh, Karnataka , Tamilnadu and Punjab. His Blogsite , Desaibankim’s Blog ( is the vehicle for this Internet movement.

The text of the aforesaid letter reads as :

“Dear Friends and Fellow Citizens,

As you happen to be the administrative backbone of Swarnim Gujarat, iprefer to send this letter to you. As i foresee , we are all likelyto witness many unprecedented events in near future. That might be dueto unexpected fall out of various litigations across Gujarat andbeyond the territories of your jurisdiction.We are likely to face opposition to various land acquisitions for establishment of SEZ and industries in Saurashtra, North Gujarat, Bhalarea and Udwada of South Gujarat. We have witnessed a popular surge at Mahuva , Saurahtra against Nirma’s Plant.

As i percieve, Shri Narendra Modi is the only hope for Gujarat and India. With your whole hearted support and active personal interest ,he has been able to motivate people, innovate, improve and implement various central and state govt’s schemes.i have seen all of you working for late hours till 03 AM in the morning during recent andpast elections. i am proud of you all.If i would have selected to be an administrator, i would definitely have selected either to work
under your command or with you ,arms in arms.

i perceive and foresee Shri Narendra Modi as the ultimate head of the first All Party National UNION Government at New Delhi.Everything depends upon your evaluation and discretion in policy issues.i am SURE ABOUT HIM . i am not in a position to say it for his colleagues in his Govt., Municipal Corporations, Nagarpalikas ,District and Taluka Panchayats . Most of the elected members are freshers and carry the impression of getting 05% (five percent) automatically by the virtue of their positions and posts.In the absence of effecticve political opposition , the onus of holding them at bay and within bounds squarely rests upon you. Please do not hesitate to draw Shri Narendra Modi’s attention towards each and every aberrations , acts of omissions and commissions of elected leaders. This will help the popular Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi to consolidate his position at national level with a proven, successfull , NON CORRUPT but effective administrative MODEL to show our fellow citizens. News papers and media have already been mute and obedient. Judiciary is on defensive and sitting on the fence just watching the scenario. We are just sitting on a volcano.

This might be a novel and gruesome experience for you to receive such a letter from a citizen. i risk the charges of treason .i am prone to a charge of judiciary’s contempt. If it is so, let it be so. Please do not fear to use your discretion and do not use your discretion out of fear.”

Press release : Date : Nov.03, 2010
Blog published : Date : Nov.04, 2010
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