Comments on Narendra Modi : 01

Hello World,
i decided to post my comments on Narendra Modi to you. They are already published on Facebook.
Times of India has proved once again that it is biased against Narendra Modi.All beneficiaries of Garib Kalyan Melas know it very well that N Modi has not given them money from his or his govt.’s pocket.The difference made by N Modi is that he himself distributed GOI funds , NOT THROUGH ANY AGENCY or his own govt.’s administration !
( comments on ToI front page news ,Oct.25,2010)
As i predicted long back , puppies of Sonia-Rahul Gandhi and AC Room politician Ahmed Patel could not withstand Narendra Modi’s onslaught in civic elections of Gujarat.Shankarsinh Vaghela, too, was disrobed ….miserably. Bharatsinh Solanki needs to be satisfied and content in reaping good harvest to maximum possible from erstwhile Chief Minister father! Tushar Chaudhari should leave his present ‘job’ and concentrate on Vyara otherwise he will find it difficult to retain his Lok Sabha seat in the next election ! It is high time he realises that political capital and good will of his erstwhile Chief Minister father is now no where and there is time for him to explore other capital from medical practice. Inheritance of politics is not easy for either Solanki or Chaudhari or for that reason any son or daughter of any politician as it is so with their ultimate boss and mentor, Rahul Gandhi !

In Nehru-Indira-Rajiv’s times, a lamp-post ,too, could win the elections. Now due to Narendra Modi many unknown freshers have become ‘leaders’ ! Of course, they are better than dogs raising their hind leg at a chosen lamp post !

Many BJP freshmen are now elected leaders. Many of them have doubtful background . Some of them are history sheeters in people’s eyes.

A fan from UK asks,”are all BJP (councillors and other taluka and district panchayat members ) prajasevaks are ‘ histoty- sheeters’ ?” Not all of them in the strict sense of word, but, few of them are definitely having criminal background .

There are many MPs and MLAs who are such history-sheeters.Why Narendra Modi has selected them ? In the past, he must have taken their help in establishing his own career.Now here or anywhere nothing is free. So he has repaid obligations ! They should consider themselves lucky that N. Modi has not given them a hard kick after using them as stepping shoulders / stones ! These doubtful old timers and freshers are considered useful on their winnabilty count and this helps in a total rout of Congress camp. That makes 10,Jana Path,New Delhi very very nervous.

In the broadest sense , ‘a history sheeter’ is one who violates democratic norms, indulges in giving and receiving bribe and/or commission, coerces officers on duty,plots bank/ financial scams, indulges in money lending and laundering and such other nefarious activities unbecoming of a leader.

The errant ‘leaders’ now will be shown doors by Narendra Modi in his fresh move to establish himself as a NONCORRUPT and TRANSPARENT Chief Minister. Now every one knows and understands that it is Narendra Modi who has won the election, not BJP, not any individual candidate ! BJP and all candidates are mere lamp-posts in voters’ eyes and belief !

Is Narendra Modi invincible? What are his weaknesses?

Corruption,position with governmental power, intolerance to critics and criticism, band wagon of history sheeters in his party,company of selfish industrialists, absence of effective opponents and opposition, absence of fearless press and journalists are few of Narendra Modi’s greatest weaknesses.

N.Modi in his initial years could successfully create an impression of a noncorrupt chief minister having ‘no nonsense’ type of personality. He could appeal and win over lower and middle class of society in Gujarat who were fleeced systematically by Keshubhai Patel’s corrupt and despotic rule.Keshubhai Patel ministry’s performance made people believe Congress ministries as a better option and experience.Keshubhai Patel saw to it that all ‘components’ of saffron brigade i.e, Durga Vahini ,Bajrang Dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and RSS got their share of creamy pie! Goverment departments were marked out for each ‘component’ for transfers and tenders.All were very happy then, not realising that people have started knowing them as corrupt and unavoidable nuisance and evil.Narendra Modi halted all these practices and got immediate acclaim and adulation from people of Gujarat.

N Modi started getting ABSOLUTE POWER which made him gradually corrupt.The govt.officers started taking him for granted .His credibility was at stake due to his deputy home minister’s acts of ommission and commission.Doubtful pages of such home ministers in the past Congress ministries hardly helps Narendra Modi and his colleague/s.His image eroded to that extent that one of his biographers told me, “Narendra Modi takes a lot of money from selected industrialists to run his party,does a good job, but,fails to realise that his industrialists financiers and so called friends will be proved very detrimental to the interests of the State and people of Gujarat. People do not know this. When they will realise it,then,it will be very very late. Moreover he has created brigades of Mr./ Mrs./ Ms.FIVE PERCENTs, they inturn have created mini brigades of similar FIVE PERCENTs”.

Now he needs a fresh image make over. He needs to weed out corrupt cabinet ministers, MPs, MLAs and such elements in his fresh lot of elected leaders ! He needs to caution all past and newly elected ‘leaders’ to remain within bounds and to refrain from money spinning and minting in NARENDRA MODI’s or BJP’s name.

( To be continued)

Dr.Bankimchandra M. Desai
Published at Surat 09-32 P.M.Oct.25,2010.
Edited at Surat 09-39A.M. Oct.26,2010
Words : 916


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