RGTIL : Victims United : 13

RGTIL : Victims United : 13
My Case History : 05

Hello World,
There is a flashback in the story.In my blog RGTIL : Victims United :07 , i wrote about the Chinese Contractor.i searched about this entity from all possible sources. No one either knew or desired to part with the closely held secret.After RGTIL was fixed to wall and it had to launch its website , i could locate BJ Service Company( Middle East) Limited as the main contractor responsible for RGTIL’s Gas Pipe Line work.i wrote a letter to the said company on Oct.05,2010.

i quote,

B J Service Company ( Middle East ) Limited
401 / A , Landmark Building ,
Suren Road,
Andheri East,
Mumbai 400093.
Tel. No. 022-66484200.

Dear Sir,

i obtained your address from RGTIL’s website . I am quite impressed with your company’s details . It seems B J Process and Pipeline Services Limited is your subsidiary or the parent company or the same company. i failed to get any information about the chairman, chief executive officer and members of company’s board of directors as well as its address of registered office from your website. .

Do you have a Chinese counterpart or subsidiary or contractor who fulfilled the work of RGTIL’s East West Gas Pipe Line at Vejalpore- Padgha- Amadpore section of Navsari Taluka and District in Gujarat ? If it is so, please provide its address in India and People’s Republic of China.

If it is not so , then what other Chinese look alike technicians were engaged and employed for the specific job ? What is their company’s name and address ?

What sort of contract do you sign with RGTIL ? Do you have any condition binding upon you to provide services like maintenance ,repair, replacement etc. after completion and commissioning of the project ? Who bears all legal responsibilities and liabilities for the damages inflicted on the concerned and other private and public/ govt.properties while executing and after commissioning the gas pipe line project?

i anticipate your early reply .
Thanking you,
Yours truly ,
Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai.”

i unquote.

It is needless to say that i have not received any reply from the said company. Now the pertinent question is ,” who is liable and accountable for my damage claim? RGTIL has not replied on my repeated requests to settle my claim. The Land Acquisition Act and the P and MP Act.1962 bar me for any litigation. The Supreme Court of India’s judgment ,too, is not specific as my case comes in the category of “alien’s property” .

Eventhough , if i approach trial court at Navsari, what is my time likely to be wasted by RGTIL whose sole proprietor , Mr. Mukesh Ambani’s daily gross revenue from RGTIL’s KG Basin Gas Pipe Line would be approximately US Dollars 02 ( TWO) to 2.5 ( Two point five) millions per day ! ( conservative estimate of 2009 ).Is this his vision of development ?

Now i take you to my comments on BBC’s news item about forthcoming Congress of People’s Republic of China .
(published on Oct.16,2010 on Facebook)

i ouote,

“The hidden agenda will be to destroy USA and India first economically and then militarily ! In case of USA, they have already destroyed most of the economy, military’s job will start in this decade.In case of India ,they have almost accomplished their targets. Indian Economy is a puzzle for Indians. Progress is not reflected in day to day life of ordinary citizens.

China can blow up most of the underground oil and gas pipelines by remote control. Reason? They have laid these pipelines.They can manage explosions on roads and rails by remote control. Reason? They have built these roads and rails. Only Indians are not aware of it !

Govt. of India and Indian industrialists have forgotten this subversive angle and aspect of National Security while signing MoUs and celebrating the completion of turn key projects ! The Chinese will have a last laugh and smile !

Chinese leaders of present and next generations are unanimous and equivocal to establish the Chinese hegemony over the Globe. George Fernandes is the first and last Indian Union Cabinet Minister to percieve this eventuality. i would term him as ‘a Statesman of Century’ . He termed China as an “enemy number one country”. i feared then that the Chinese would get him murdered for his sin of understanding their designs well in advance.”

i unquote.

What is the signifacance of my worst apprehensions here in Navsari and South Gujarat? Why should i raise the alarm bells ? Why should i affront Mr.Mukesh Ambani,RGTIL, Govt. of Gujarat and Govt.of India? Top of it,why should i take the risk of facing judiciary’s ire?

( To be continued)

Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai
Posted at Surat,09-28 P.M., OCt.16, 2010.
Edited at Surat,08-35P.M., Oct.25,2010
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