RGTIL : Victims United : 12

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One of the viewers telephoned me to suggest to put the link on Facebook and Twitter.

i have a very limited knowledge in handling a computer. i can not afford a steno or an assistant . i tried . The moderator of Facebook wrote back ,”you have exceeded the characters” i okayed and the text disappeared. i forgot what i wrote. i made a second attempt on Microsoft Word . i resorted to copy paste. So i send a message to my Facebook friends through BLOG .

Message on Facebook , Oct .11,2010.

i quote,

“RGTIL , Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Limited, a company owned solely by Mukash Ambani through a string of his private companies, is masquerading various villages in Indian states in the name of development and holding / ransacking numerous land owners and their properties at sort of a ransom in the name of the Petroleum and Mineral Pipelines Act ,1962 ( P and MP Act,1962 and P and MP Rules ) and Land Acquisition Act . RGTIL men deploy all techniques and get their work done.

Both the acts do not give any remedy to the aggrieved concerned and adjacent property owners . Both acts make the Competent Authority of RGTIL,the government within a government ! The C.A. of RGTIL is beyond all laws.

RGTIL’s victims include rich, middle ,lower,and below poverty line farmers.Numerous land owners are marginal and small farmers. No one is happy with RGTIL’s arbitrary behaviour and Award declared by the Competent Authority of RGTIL . No one in Govt. of India and respective state govt.s is ready to listen to aggrieved land owners and owners of neighbourhood properties which are already damaged by RGTIL.

Every land under User Rights is fragmented into three pieces, thus violating Prevention of Fragmentation of Lands and Consolidation of Lands Act. Is this proper? Where is the purpose of Fragmentation Act served ? Govt. does not allow fragmentation of agricultural lands under any pretext, not even by family partition deeds. Govt. prohibits sale and purchase of fragments of agricultural lands to farmers other than the owner/s of adjacent land. Here in RGTIL’s case Govt. of India and various state govrnments created thousands of fragments of agricultural lands without naming them fragments.Revenue records do not mention these fragments anywhere.

The mutations in Record of Rights do not reflect the fragmentation and provision for the sale of individual nonviable fragment by the owner of the land. The mutation in Record of Rights is devoid of present and future responsibilities and accountabilities of the party, company ,person, association of persons enjoying perennial user rights in land. The Award of RGTIL’s Competent Authority forms the basis of mutation in Record of Rights in favour of RGTIL and the text of the award is perennially binding on land owner / farmer.

In suits related to the Land Acquisition ACT and other related laws the Supreme Court of India weighed the balance of convenience in favour of over all development of the village, region , state and country .The SCI , in any case ,did not spell out the scope of such development by RGTIL at individual village level.The SCI did not prefer to address other issues troubling farmers / land owners because the Land Acquisition Act and the P and MP Act, 1962 and P and MP Rules do not include these issues in thier legal framework.Only the CAUSE was considered and the RESULTANT EFFECTS were left for petitioners’ wild guess.Obviously the SCI and High Courts do not want to go beyond laws and consider the net results / effects these laws and their interpretation create.Will the SCI ever take this issue for consideration? If yes, under the purview of which act / law? Fundamental Rights are mostly in the sacred book only.They are good for reading and preparing for various examinations..

That is the inherent weakness of powers and jurisdiction of our Apex Court and High Courts. The Courts can not assume the role of law makers and law makers enact such laws to benefit a special and a very special priviledged class of individuals, here in this case it is RGTIL and individual is MUKESH AMBANI. The law makers have overt and covert interests to maintain staus quo in laws like the Land Acquisition Act, the P and MP ACt,1962, Company Act, Corporate Act, Income Tax Act, Sales Tax Act, Custom Act etc.It is not that no one knows and understands the lacunae in these acts/ laws. They JUST DO NOT WANT TO UNDERSTAND and ACT ACCORDINGLY.There is a definite purpose behind this attitude. Every Indian ,literate and illiterate , knows this fact very well. Various constitutional and legal measures are made to abort intentionally.The SCI and High Courts witness this sorry state of affairs and allow people’s faith in rule of law to erode.Often people perceive that the judges are party to this phenomenon .

The Supreme Court of India advised / directed 52 petitioners of Gujarat who suffered at the hands of RGTIL to approach respective trial court for the issues related to compensation of lands in question . Are the petitioners expected to face court ordeals for another twenty five years?

The pertinent questions are many.

1.Who rules India ?

2.Why print and electronic media become deaf ,dumb and blind on any issue of public grievance relating to Mukesh Ambani and his companies?

3.Why all political parties turn away from the aggrieved land owners?

4.Why P and MP Act,1962 and Land Acquisition Act are not ammended to protect and safe guard the interests of owners of land, adjacent ( private as well as public / government ) properties?

5.Why the interests of only RGTIL, ONGC ,other PSUs and other companies acquiring PERENNIAL USER RIGHTs in LAND are protected ?

6.Why the Supreme Court of India and all High Courts are shy in becoming proactive in the interests of the aggrieved owners of land ? The SCI has done it in the past in many cases.

7.Why the said acts are only unilaterally binding on land owners as far as responsibilities and accountabilities ,at present and in future ,are concerned ?


9.Why this facade of justice is being perpetuated year by year ?

10.Why Mukesh Ambani is so confident about his strides?

11.How he has become the richest man in a very short duratinon of time ?

12.Why is he not subjected to any inquiry in the manner his fellow industrialists and other citizens having doubtful assets are compelled to face ?

13.What are the secrets of his companies?

14.Do the Minister of Finance, Minister of Law and Justice , Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Minister of Company Affairs , Minister of Corporate Affairs and PMO recognise in built faults in the said acts/laws and rules ?

15.If they do, why they have not rectified them till today ?

16.When they will do that? Or they will never do it….

Media in India is reticent in case of Mukesh Ambani and his companies. He failed miserably to throttle Internet, Google, Yahoo, Facebook ,Twitter and other social networks. Otherwise he has a potential to rival Hu Jin Tao of People’s Republic of China and Kim the second of North Korea!That is a real danger lurking the Indian Democracy and Polity.We experienced the STATE POWER manytimes in the past .As i witness, experience and realise , MONEY POWER is superior to state power. It has STATE POWER COUPLED WITH MUSCLE POWER of course in the best available gloves ! Today in India we have FREE PRESS. Do you find any criticism of RGTIL and MUKESH AMBANI’s ways any where ? WHY? Freedom of press , freedom of expression and fundamental rights are good in books. Mukesh Ambani has successfully eroded the STATE without contesting any election anywhere.Elections are meant for fools.The reign of power is in Mukesh Ambani’s hands…Let him overtake the STATE completely …

i invite you all to view my blog series : Desaibankim’s Blogs: RGTIL : Victims United : 01 to 11.

i intend to continue the series till the said acts are ammended …..Thanks a lot”.

i unquote .

Dr, Bankimchandra M.Desai .
Cell phone: +91-9426187102.
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