RGTIL : Victims United : 10

Hello World,
i have received mixed reactions from viewers. My hard critics pull me down for my “very high and tall claims amounting to self grandiose”.A bit mild criticism include ,” your blogs are nothing but throwing dust towards mid day sun !” My supporters thank me “for a job very near to PIL” Many victims are happy to see “the nexus thrown wide open”.

Meanwhile i thought it necessary and proper to thank my friend in South.
i quote ,
” From: bankim desai
To: Anonymus
Sent: Thu, October 7, 2010 2:59:33 PM
Subject: RGTIL

My Dear Shri Anonymus,
This is to thank you for your first mail. It inspired me a lot to organise an Internet colony :RGTIL Victims United. Please view my latest blog and you will realise how you helped me .

Meanwhile my campaign for spearheading reforms in land laws in Gujarat yielded positive results .Few holes are still there to be plugged . i hope to achieve that by Vijayadashmi.

i hope your problems are solved by now. If you need my any help , please feel free to inform me.

That’s fine for the moment.
Yours sincerely,
Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai ”
i unquote.

Friends in RGTIL and Mukesh Ambani’s loyalists in GoG are very jittery and ‘advise’ me to get ready for dire consequences. My reply to them was like this:
i quote,
“My Dear Friends,
i withhold the identity of the original recipient for his safety.

In India in general and in Gujarat in particular it is easier and cheaper to get a person killed, than to pay compensation amounting to crores of rupees.

i say, ” please wait and think for a while .What will happen to Adivasi land owners and farmers of Pardi Taluka, Dist. Valsad who were awarded paltry sum by RGTIL as compensation for land acquisition ? They are as such almost killed by RGTIL’s injustice and that too without being obviously killed by anybody !”

The worst part of politics on adivasies is going to unfold at Pardi, the historic land of Bhumi Satyagraha by Shri IC Desai. In Niyamgiri Hills of Orissa, it was a battle royal between Navin Patnaik representing Vedanta and Rahul Gandhi representing adivasies overtly and Mukesh Ambani covertly. Here in Pardi it will be be a battle ground with a different set of players. In this case they will be Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi , both representing Mukesh Ambani ! The language of these stalwarts would be of development and growth of adivasies and tribals!

Please wait for events to unfold.

When i wrote that RIL is not RGTIL and RGTIL is not RIL, my worst critics asked me to provide a concrete proof.For their benefit, with due courtesy and thanks to Business Standard , for ignoring my violation of their copyright in larger interests , i reproduce the following news item and discussion thereon.
i ouote ,

” Mukesh Ambani’s private and unlimited gold mine”

“BS Reporter / New Delhi July 21, 2009, 0:37 IST

Much ink has been spilt and will continue to be on who is to get the supply of natural gas from Reliance Industries’ (RIL’s) stupendous D6 find in the Krishna-Godavari basin.Very little notice, however, has been taken of the fact that Reliance Gas Transportation and Infrastructure Ltd (RGTIL), which set up the pipeline network for transport of this gas which has had rival users clamouring for government priority, is no longer owned by RIL, but by the latter’s chairman and managing director, Mukesh Ambani.The change took place three years earlier and went largely unnoticed, even though RGTIL is crucial for RIL’s burgeoning gas business. RGTIL was moved out of the RIL fold to be a subsidiary of Reliance Utilities Pvt Ltd in 2006. Which is owned by Mukesh Ambani through a clutch of eight companies. The entire transaction at that time took place for only Rs 5 lakh. Even at that time RGTIL had the right of use (RoU) for setting up a major pipeline network across the country. RGTIL has so far laid 1,400 km of pipeline to transport gas from Kakinada to Bharuch, passing through Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat, at an investment of $4 billion. It is also in the process of implementing four pipelines that will interconnect with the east-west network. These are the 1,100 km Kakinada-Haldia, 600 km Kakinada-Chennai, 670 km Chennai-Tuticorin and the 660 km Chennai-Bangalore-Mangalore pipeline networks.RGTIL is estimated to be earning an average revenue of $1 per mBtu (million British Thermal Units) from gas transportation to RIL’s customers in the fertiliser and power sectors. When the company would transport the entire KG Basin gas of 80 million metric standard cubic metres a day (mmscmd), it is likely to earn revenues worth $2-2.5 million a day, said an analyst. The net asset value of RIL’s gas business, based on just the production profile of D6, is estimated at $19.98 billion, assuming a sale price of $4.2 per mBtu.An official spokesperson of RIL did not respond. Justifying the transaction, however, an executive said since RIL’s only investment at that time in the company was Rs 5 lakh as equity and RGTIL did not have any other assets, the company was “desubsidiarised” after the payment of the amount. He said regulatory caps on returns on investment in the pipeline business were not attractive for the group as a whole and so, it was decided to move the company out of the RIL fold.”

i ouote ,
” SCAggarwal :(July 24 , 2009 ,08:22 IST)
Mr. Mukesh Ambani is a noted industrialist and richest person of the world. He knows how to make a company and with what investment and how to earn the maximum only because the income earned will belong to him and will be tax free. But the point is whether he would have paid the same amount of money for transporting the gas had the RGTIL been owned by the Government? If so, the Government should nationalise the RGTIL by making a compensation of Rs. 5 lakhs and let the RGTIL be treated as PSU. The real problem facing the country is our Income-tax Act which has two faces. One Income-tax Act applies to PSUs, salary earners,small scale industrialists, traders and businessmen which levies taxes on their income but the other Income-tax Act levies no taxes on the income of companies promoted by our Mr. Mukesh Ambani. And India is the only nation in the world which levies no taxes on a particular class of companies promoted by Mr. Mukesh Ambani and others.”

i ouote ,
” Reply by Dr. Bankimchandra :(October 05 , 2010 ,09:31 IST)
Nationalisation of RGTIL ?! When Govt.of India , Finance Minister, Petroleum & Natural Gas Minister,Prime Minister, UPA chair person Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Supreme Court & High Court judges , BJP leaders, more than 300 members of parliament worry, care and strive for Mukesh Ambani’s progress, nationalisation is not possible. These Ambani loyalists will disinvest ONGC, GAIL and see that Mukesh Ambani gets the disinvested shares! It is not a story of progress, but,it is a very sad saga of total corruption of Indian polity.”

i quote,
“Sandz :(July 21 , 2009 ,17:55 IST)
If RIL’s investment was only 5 lakh, then who invested $4 billion in the pipeline. Or is it done the same as $2 billion were invested mysteriously by Mr. Mukesh Ambani on his grand house. This is outrageous and a thorough audit should be done to check such practices and embezzlement.”

i quote,
“Dharman : (July 21 , 2009 ,16:51 IST)
If Anil wanted these rights for Rs 5 lakh would they have sold it to him at that time. .. Shakuniyatva- the code of conduct of following expedient stuff by quoting the letter of the law and not the spirit. We all know what terrible consequences this strategy had ! Finally Ram Jethmalani called a spade a spade on TV and said Mukesh is arrogant and is not a god fearing or even go respecting person. Like the Assurs of yore, Shiva is waiting to give his fitting reply to this modern day Asura. ”

The first report by Business Standard was on July 21,2009. So when i say that Mr. Mukesh Ambani is a sole proprietor and beneficiary of RGTIL, what is wrong in my telling that Mr . Mukesh Ambani should be joined as a person in a suit for compensation? Why should not he be asked to remain present in a trial Court or Mamlatdar Navsari (Rural) ‘s court ??

(To be continued)


One Response to “RGTIL : Victims United : 10”

  1. kiran paruchuri Says:

    i have two and acres land in near Vijayawadain new capital of AP,india but reliance pipeline pass through my land it occupies more than one acre but we got less compensation from RGTIL they cheated neighbor formers as well ……every year their team come and chop the crops they pay nothing …what action i can take

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