RGTIL : Victims United : 09

RGTIL : Victims United : 09
Hello World,
i never imagined . When i posted my first blog on ” Dr.Moily and The P and MP ACt 1962 ” on January 05 , 2010 , i was all alone to vent against the arbitrary and high handed behaviour of RGTIL . No website was there to flash on RGTIL. No body from GoI and GoG was ready to say a word about The P and MP Act,1962 in general and RGTIL in particular. My second blog on ” Deora, Moily, RGTIL, P and MP Act ,1962 and our Judiciary” posted on January 06,2010 almost went unnoticed.

i was disheartened due to scarce funds on hand to pull on my family life and to get treatment for my own galaxy of diseases and to cap this all a dispute with RGTIL !

A fellow citizen, i call him a fellow traveller or a comrade , a would be victim , from south sent an e mail on the subject. i prepared myself once again and formed an internet colony , RGTIL : VICTIMS UNITED . i posted 08 blogs and miracle happened . From ‘ no website source on RGTIL , numerous website sources ‘ are now available.

i have almost fixed RGTIL to wall.

The company is forced to launch its own website.

Now it is too late. The vigourous discussion on internet and media has opened a window on the ways of Mr. Mukesh Ambani. It can be reasonably said so about our judiciary, law makers , GoI and various state governments as well.

Mukesh Ambani’s other companies are also under scanner by individuals who bother for India.

Ambani loyalists are on defensive and worry to save their skin.

If you are a proven RGTIL victim and if at all you decide to register a compensation case in *a trial court at your
taluka /tehsil/mandal place, never forget to join (1) Mukesh Ambani as a person,(2) CA , RGTIL, (3) manager of RGTIL , (4)Govt. of Gujarat through Collector of your district and (5) Govt. of India through Secretary, Ministry of P & NG.

Mukesh Ambani is the sole proprietor of RGTIL and RIL is now not RGTIL and RGTIL is not RIL . Do not entertain any RIL officer or employee for your grievance with RGTIL.Ask them to leave your premises at once. Ask them to bring and give you a copy of a personal authority letter from Mr. Mukesh Ambani.

The latest news flash : Demand for RGTIL’s nationalisation has come from other quarters.

For everything said and posted on blog , i must thank Mr. GUPTA , MR. GOHIL and all RIL as well as retired Gujarat Govt Revenue Dept. officers already named in my blog : RGTIL: Victims UNited : 06. Mr . Mukesh Ambani should give them a special Diwali Bonus ! If he fails , i will have to think about it !

That’s fine for the moment.

Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai
Posted at Navsari ,11.45 AM, October 06 , 2010.
Edited and updated at Navsari11.58 AM, Oct.06,2010.

* SCI advised 52 applicants in a case under Land Acqusition Act and P and MP Act ,1962 to register a case in a respective trial court.


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