RGTIL : Victims United :08

RGTIL : Victims United :08
My Case History :04
Hello World,
One of the RGTIL Victims in Hyderabad sent a following news item ,courtesy Zee News & PTI with April 13, 2010 dateline.It shows a real face of RGTIL and State Govt. of Andhra Pradesh and victims of both .

i quote :
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Two farmers attempt suicide as protest against RGTIL

Updated on Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 23:02
Tags: RGTIL, Two farmers, attempt suicide

Osmanabad: Two farmers attempted suicide by consuming poison as a protest against Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Limited (RGTIL) here today, police said.

The farmers had earlier warned of mass immolation bid as a protest against RGTIL digging work, to detect a fault in its underground gas pipeline, which was affecting their crops, they said.

The company started digging the sugarcane crops in Ansurda village of Osmanabad tehsil. After the maintenance, the company filled the kilometre long farmland and dumped the stones and soil on the crops in the farm.

The farmers who claimed to have suffered loss due to the work, had submitted a memorandum to the district collector Praveen Gedam and warned of mass self immolation if the problem is not solved immediately.

Meanwhile, two farmers identified as Ankush Pawar and Prahalad Pawar consumed poison. Both are in serious condition and have been admitted to Osmanabad District Civil Hospital, police said.

The police have detained 20 other farmers including their leader, which led to the tension in the village, police said, adding that additional police force has been deployed in the village. ”

i unquote.

It seems my message has reached many corners & people have started joining the movement coming out in open against RGTIL & other companies alike.

My analysis is very acidic for Mr.Mukesh Ambani, RGTIL and Congress Govt. of Andhra Pradesh . This particular section of RGTIL pipeline in question was laid recently & leakage occured.

In previous month ,people in District of Surat witnessed leakage with a minor explosion in 25 years’ old ONGC Gas pipeline.There was panic and utter confusion about the owner company of the pipeline.Collectorate at Surat was extremely busy in election duty for civic elections. God saved prestige of our @CM Narendra Modi and District Collector . No body was injured and ONGC owned the culprit pipeline within hours. DC dashed “strict notices” to Hazira based companies. That’s all. Every one including CM Narendra Modi and DC forgot the mishap .What happened to those strict notices? All Hazira based companies are used to such notices and their only destination would be DUSTBIN.

i want to stress that govt. may be of BJP or Congress or DMK , response and intention to serve corporates and fool the electorate will be the same. Chief Minister may be HHS* Narendra Modi or Dr. Rossaiah or OFM** Yediyurrappa or Dr. Karunanidhi , his/her behaviour will be same. i mean to say that there is no difference in basic attitudes. It is true ,” Objects in mirror are closer than they appear ”

Where is Union Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas , Mr . Murli Deora ? Where is his Mos , Mr. Jitin Prasad ? i hope they are not enjoying comforts in Mr.Mukesh Ambani’s deep pockets !

In March 2008, a responsible RIL officer told me very sarcastically, ” write to any body, move any court , nothing will happen in you favour. Mamlatdar , Deputy Collector and Collector here are in our shirt’s pockets” . i asked him,” what about the Chief Minister?” He showed his hip pocket ! ….Then and then i decided to take on these scoundrels ….insulting very badly state CM and govt . officers while standing and enjoying their patronage in Navsari Jilla Seva Sadan……Who is the Main Culprit ? Where the fault is ? Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Keshav Deo Malaviya started this disastrous game of development and subsequent incumbents in GOI perpetuated and perfected it to today’s level .

@ CM : Common Man
* HHS : Hindu Hriday Samrat
** OFM : Only Family Man



My Case History :04

The chief minister Shri Narendra Modi was very much annoyed with contents and language of my e mail .He instructed DC to inquire with irrigation department as to what prompted me to grieve.The punch line in CM’s letter to DC was , ( i translate from Gujarati to English )” ……so that the complainant may not get the opportunity to do unnecessary writings …”

Shri Narendra Modi was at his best and it is obvious a man in his position would not like to be humiliated in black and white !

( continued )

Hazira,Surat , October 03 , 2010.

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