RGTIL : Victims United :07

Hello World,
Post Ayodhya verdict things are back to normal. Gujarati politicians are busy in civic elections where every thing is fair in love and war. Action packed drama by BJPites and farcical demonstrations by congress persons provide good entertainment to wise and shy gujarati voters.

Every state govt., municipal and panchayat office with its staff is religiously on election duty.i wonder a lot that otherwise slow, sluggish , calculatively inefficient revenue staff is so galvanised that every one attains the maximum efficiency and perfection in duty without any incentive ! All other jobs and files can wait ! No one has to do greasing and palming during election. Posting of loyalists in vulnerable areas is there but with EVMs mostly this election too will be fair and free. If BJP suffers , it should be construded as negative vote attributed to BJP’s lifeline : Sohrabuddin and Amit Shah.Congress bandwagon is pale due to Ahmed Patel’s AC Room Politics with Sonia Gandhi’s complacent blessings.It seems Ahmed Patel has forgotten to bark like a street dog ! How can he expect his puppies to face Narendra Modi’s onslaught ?

So once again we are back to Mukesh Ambani’s life line : RGTIL.

RGTIL : Victims United : 07
This is not the first instance when Chinese contractor or say state run company of People’s Republic of China , has undertaken and completed job which we Indians can not do after our democratic rule of 63 years! V. K. Krishna Menon was the first indian ” china man ” and now with blessings of UPA 01 and 02 GOI itself is working day and night for awarding contracts to chinese companies ! We harp on ‘pearls and neckless’ story when we learn that chinese are building roads in Af Pak region, Myanmar , Bangladesh and Sri Lanka .Hypocrisy is one of our national characters .

( continued)
My Case History :03

i sent e mail to the Chief Minister on March ,01,2008 along with a copy of my first letter to CA, RGTIL. Those were the golden days of Narendra Modi’s charm , efficiency and excellence in projection.

Please read the letter which expresses the feelings of all gujaraties :

i quote
“My Dear Shri Narendrabhai,
Apropos your ‘saf vat’, page 14, Gujarat,issue 3
dt.01-03-2008, I submit herewith a complain related to
RGTI Ltd.’s Pipe Line Project.
There are numerous instances wherein RGTI Ltd.
authorities have given doubtful treatments in respect
of compensation amount, time of payment and delayed
instalment payments to the farmers in whose lands this
pipe line project is being /was implemented.

The damage / loss to neighbours and public
properties is NOT attended to and the aggrieved
neighbours are told by company personnels to contact
the farmers/land owners who are paid by the company.

This sort of arbitrary and irresponsible
behavior on the part of RGTI Ltd.is tacitly supported
by revenue dept. staff in charge at the village,taluka
& district levels.Revenue officers give top priority
to company’s papers and as I have observed they are
burdened and over burdened WITH Relance Papers to such
an extent that they overlook other citizens &
complains of CM i.e COMMON MAN!

O.K.It is agreed that the project is important
for national interests and your govt. has given red
carpet facilities to the children of ever smiling
Please answer honestly.How many Ambanis have
voted for you? Very few people know & understand that
they have enriched political parties at the expense of
interests of the State and common citizens at large.
I urge you to be pro active, FIRST, before you
insist upon your IAS/ GAS officers to do so.
I am in a position to give back your several words
published and high lighted in your euology in Govt.
I beg your pardon.I am very harsh in writing ,
but, if you have sensibilities ,it will increase the
credibility of your administration.
May God bless you and ,if possible, give my
life to you.

Yours for ever,
Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai.”

i unquote .
( continued)

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