RGTIL : Victims United : 06

Hello world,
During last week, i chronicled the events. It took enough time to study and prepare afresh. i publish my entire calendar of events .My friends in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu will get the idea for preparation of their individual & collective case . If you find any difficulty , please do not hesitate to contact me at
e mail id : (a) desaibankim@yahoo.com
(b) bankimcmdesai@gmail.com
Cell Phone : +91-9426187102.

As i told you before , it is a race between a turtle and a rabbit,
where a turtle wins !

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai

Correspondence address:
03, Mahadevnagar Society ,
Near Majura Gate, Ring Road,
Sagrampura ,
Surat 395002
Gujarat .

RGTIL : Calendar of Events

No. Details Date

1. Petroleum and Minerals Pipeline Act 1962 ( P and MP
Act 1962)

2. The Gazette of India India : 16-11-2004

3. The Gazette of India dated 22-28 May 2004published /pasted
on notice board board :11-09-2007

4. Notice for clearing the land for acquisition : 27-09-2007

5. Laying of UG Pipe line at Padgha commenced :Feb .2008

6. Laying of UG Pipe line at Padgha completed :30-05-2008

7. Notice/Complain to C.A., RGTIL with c.f.w.c to
a. Chief Minister by e mail
b. Collector, Navsari,by e mail
c. Registrar General, Gujarat High Court Court.: 01-03-08

8. Reply from CMO :3/4-03-2008

9. e mail to Chief Minister ,Gujarat : 06-03-2008

10. Reply from CMO :07-03-2008

11. e mail to P.A.to CM :7-3-2008

12 Letter to :
(2) District Collector, Navsari
(3) Executive Engineer (Irrigation), Navsari :10-3-2008

13. RLAD Receipt.

14. Letter to Secretary/Chief Engineer, Water Resources
Section , Narmada and Water Resources Deptt.GoG.:

15. Form 08-A Padgha Block No .563 :10-3-2008

16. Form 07x 12 Padgha Block No .563 :10-3-2008

17. Envelope

18. Letter to Dy. Secretary, CMO from
Executive Engineer,Ambica Vibhag, Navsari:
a Text of the letter :03-04-2008
b.Letter to Executive Engineer, Ambica Vibhag, Navsari
from Dy. Ex. Engineer,Vesma Irrigation, Subsection :
c.Rojkam: Nama Makan Ahir:18-03-2008
d.Rojkam: Bhana Makan Ahir:18-3-2008
e.Rojkam: President,Padgha Piyat Sahakari Mandali Ltd:
f.Irrigation Deptt.Map
19.Letter to C.A., RGTIL :28-04-2008

20.Letter from Executive Engineer,Ambica Vibhag, Navsari with
envelope :25-09-2008

21. Reply dictated by me in person to Mr.Surti of at RGTIL

22. Letter to C.A., RGTIL c.f.w.c to Chief Minister and
Collector, Navsari :29-09-2008

23. Letter to C. A.,RGTIL cfwc to
1 Chief Minister
2.Mr.Mukesh D.Ambani
3. Mrs.Kokilaben D. Ambani :30-01-2009

24. Panchkyas / Panchnama : Blank Form in Gujarati

25. e mail to Chief Minister :03-02-2009

26. Reply/Order by C.A. , RGTILwith envepope :05-02-2009

27.Letter to Mr. Mukesh D.Ambani with UPC receipt :05-02-2009

28. Letter to RGTIL cfwc to
b Chief Minister
c.Mr. Murli Deora, Mo P and NG,GoI
d. Mr.Dinsha Patel , MoS, P and NG, GoI
e. Secretary,Mo P and NG, GoI
f. Secretary, Mo Law and Justice, GoI :11-03-2009

29. UCP Receipt:16-03-2009

30. Letter regarding P and MP ACT 1962, RGTIL and Settlement
of claim to Mr. Murli Deora, Mr. Dinsha Patel and Secretary
Mo P and NG :11-03-2009

31. Letter regarding P and MP ACT 1962, RGTIL and Settlement
of Claim to Joint Secretary, Ministry of Law and Justice,
GoI :11-03-2009

32. Letter regarding P & MP ACT 1962, RGTIL and
Settlement of Claim to Chief Minister , Gujarat :11-03-2009

33. e mail to Secretary P and NG: 27-03-2009

34. Letter to RGTIL in Gujarati :22-09-2009

35. A copy of P.and MP Act and Gazette with Jatin Vakil’s
visiting card as given to Mr.Jashubhai B. Naik

36. News paper report : Restriction on visa to Chinese
Workers: 26-09-2009

37. Courier receipt –Mr.C.A.Shah,Legal Consultant :29-09-2009

38. “Praja Sathe Samvad” :
Mr. Murli Deora at Surat at SGCCI,Surat
Memorandum of Grievances submitted by me to
Mr.Murli Deora in person (English translation of original
Gujarati text) with cfwc to President , SGCCI, Surat and
press representatives :30-09-2009

39. RTI application to PIO and District Collector ,Navsari
dated 24-09-2009 submitted on 05-10-2009

40. RTI application to PIO and TDO, Navsari dated 24-09-2009
submitted on 05-10-2009

41. RLAD receipt: Murli Deora :10-10-2009

42. Letter to The President SGCCI, Surat :10-10-2009

43. RLAD receipt : Veerappap Moily :14-10-2009

44. Letter to Dr. Veerappa Moily Mo L and J ,GoI dt.12-10-2009

45. Reply from PIO Prant Adhikari, Navsari for RTI Application
with envelope:13-10-2009

46. Reply from PIO ,Resident Collector,Navsari 13-10-2009
with instruction for RTI compliance to
(a) Executive Engineer, R and B (State), Navsari.
(b) Executive Engineer, Rand B (Panchayat ), Navsari
(c) Manager, RGTIL,Surat with envelope :13-10-2009

47. Reply from PIO ,Resident Collector,Navsari with envelope :

48. e mail to Mr.Parimal Nathwani MP and VP,RIL
: 23-10-2009.

49. Reply from PIO and TDO, Taluka Panchayat, Navsari with
envelope :28-10-2009

50. Reply from Mamlatdar ( Rural ), Navsari : 28-10-2009

51. Reply from PIO ,Resident Collector,Navsari with envelope :

52. Reply from Executive Engineer R and B (State), Navsari
with annexure and envelope :11-11-2009

53. News paper reports :07-01-2010

54. SCI case details dt 13-02-2010

55. News paper reports :18-01-2010

56. Letter to RGTIL :22-02-2010

57. Letter to Manager , RGTIL ,Surat and Executive Engineer,
R and B (Panchayat) , Navsari for RTI compliance:15-03-2010

58. Publication of award for Padgha ,Tal.x Dist.Navsari :

59. Award displayed at Padgha Gram Panchayat notice board :
20-08 2010

60. Letter of objection to C.A.RGTIL and RGTIL :25-09-2010

61. Letter of objections against mutations in record of rights
(RoR) to District Collector , Navsari :25-09-2010


Annexure A

List of employees engaged in Land Acquisition ( User Rights) and award of compensation to land owners:
1 . Mr.V.I. Gohil , Retired Deputy Collector and the Competant
Authority, RGTIL
2. Mr. Gupta ( RIL/RGTIL: Administrative back up )

List of RIL employees engaged in Land Acquisition ( User Rights),field visits and meetings with revenue deptt. offices etc.
1. Mr.Jayesh Gajjar
2. Mr. Jatin Vakil
3. Mr. Majmudar
4. Mr. Yogesh Vashi
5. Mr. Ajay Khambhata
6. Mr. Digant Desai
7. Mr. Kaushal Desai
8 Mr. Gopalbhai Parekh

List of retired Gujarat govt. revenue department employees engaged in Land Acquisition ( User Rights)and preparing statements , panchnama . They were always posing as “in service” revenue officers
A. Retired Mamlatdars :
1. Mr Ramanbhai B. Patel
2 Mr. Gadhvi
3. Mr.Harshadbhai Naik
4. Mr. Kanubhai Chaudhari
5 Mr. B.S. Arya
6 Mr.B.R. Surti
7 Mr. Rameshbhai Patel
8 Mr.Bhutwala
9. Mr.Modi

B. Retired Deputy Mamlatdar :
1. Mr. Kanubhai Patel

C. Retired Circle officers :
1. Mr. Amrutbhai Nuri
2. Mr.Maganbhai Patel

D. Retired Talati cum Mantri
1. Mr. Keshavbhai Patel
2. Mr.Ratilal Parmar
3. Mr. Natubhai Parmar
4. Mr. Hasmukh Patel
5. Mr. Hasmukh Surti

**************** Annexure B

1 Association of RGTIL Victims in Taluka Gandevi , District Navsari
was formed . Meetings were convened .

2 Separate / individual memorandum / supplementary claim
submitted to C.A., RGTIL , Surat.

3 Reply of individual land owner (for supplementary claim) was
ecorded in person by RGTIL employees. Copies were not
given to land owners :Aug./Sept. 2010

4 Supplementary claim for compensation or Rs. 3,17,941/=
submitted by Mr. Harshadbhai D.Naik of Vegam ,Tal.
Gandevi to C.A. ,RGTIL :06-02-2010

5. The Gazette of India dt 02-02-2010 displayed at Vegam
Gram Panchayat :15-02-2010

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  1. prashant Says:

    So what does rgtil think for compensation ?? what they are going to do next in step ?? and whats the latest news abt rgtil

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