RGTIL : Victims United : 05

Hello World,
Please excuse me. i am not in a position to send my blogs as frequently as per my promise. As i told you , illnesses do not come to you/me with prior notice. Despite all that, i resume my naration.

RGTIL : Victims United : 05

Due to my protracted illnesses and callous attitude of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Ministry of Law and Justice towards my representation , I lost all hopes and abandoned my attempts.

Queries started pouring in my inbox and on telephone as well as cell phone about the modus operandi of RGTIL. The affected and would be affected farmers and land owners moved from pillars to posts , no one gave them any information. They searched for the website of RGTIL and accidentally came across my blogs containing letters to Dr.Veerappa Moily and Minister Mr. Murli Deora . So my interest in RGTIL was rekindled and i decided to take the issue to its logical end.

i recruited my old hands of my career as a journalist and collected enough data. Meanwhile vigilant farmers and land owners formed a loose association to protest the discrimination in payment of award . i circulated my blogs amongst them and the wheels started moving !

The cases in High Court of Gujarat ultimately landed in cases before Supreme Court of India .The contention of petitioners was on the land acquisition in the name of user right and its after effects to be read with provisions of P and MP Act , 1962.

As i had no money ,then , for my treatment and any court case , i did not join ongoing litigations before Supreme Court of India. My objection to RGTIL’s Competent Authority’s order was not included in the legal issues raised before Supreme Court of India. i borrowed huge sum to get legal advice from experts in constitutional matters ,civil and criminal laws . Meanwhile the queries regarding Chennai -Bangalore –Mangalore pipe line started coming . So my dear World, i am here before you with my Case History : 02 and RGTIL: Victims United : 05 , both having individual subjects but inter-related with each other .

The contents may amount to contempt of MPs’ rights. , but , facts are facts and i fear, if told in a sober way will not have any effect whatsoever , especially when RIL , RGTIL, GoI and concerned ministries are studded with insensitive individuals who are intoxicated by money and power arising from government . Brute majority by/of RIL supporters in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha is a worrisome problem not only for me but also for future of Indian democracy . i term it as failure of rule of law in the most legal and constitutional manners ! The elected members of parliament and legislative assemblies see to it that rule of law fail in the name of justice !

After the publication of The Gazette of India under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas invoking the provisions of Petroleum and Mineral Pipelines Act of 1962 , RGTIL started its office in the premises of offices of RIL at Anand Mahal Apartment , Anand Mahal Road, Nr. Bhulka Bhavan School, Adajan , Surat 395009. There are two divisions . One division is headed by Mr. Gupta who is as such RIL employee . He provides RIL employees as a back up staff who runs about villages and ” manage ” local govt. departments with or without retired revenue recruitee as per the requirement of the day. The other division is headed by Mr. Gohil whose services are said to be provided by GoI. He is also a retired gentleman with robust health ,very sweet tongue and sharp mind to save RIL’s money to the maximum . He is the Competent Authority in charge of land acquisition and award thereof.

RGTIL gave advertisement for recruitment of retired govt. employees of revenue department. Retired talaties (village clerks) , circle officers, deputy mamlatdars, mamlatdars (tehsildars), deputy collectors and collectors who have served in South Gujarat and are well versed with revenue matters, farmers , land owners and local leaders were preferred.The moment this selection FOR A FIXED DURATION OF TIME WITH FIXED SALARY was over , actual foot work started . As per the survey reports and maps the respective survey/block numbers were searched out on site , the width of 30 (Thirty ) meters of the long tract was measured and yellow coloured boundary stones were fixed with width of 30 meters and length was determined as per the map and area of the land . The whole tract was/is 30 meters wide. The space of 05 meters was kept aside on one side, 01 meter width was considered sufficient for pipe line and 24 meters’ space was kept on other side. The space of 24 meters was considered sufficient for movement of any vehicle of the company in future.

The selection of the company for laying the pipe line was done by issuing tenders on international level . The job was assigned to a chinese state run company whose name is unknown to me .During February-March 2008 , this chinese contractor undertook the job of laying pipe line. Prior to that , local irrigation department saw to it that not a single drop of water is not released in canal and field channels in and around our area. The farmers were thus deprived of canal water for paddy and sugar cane just to faclitate the movements by /of huge military tank sized machineries belonging to chinese contractor.



My Case History : 02

i forwarded my notice cum claim letter dated March 01, 2008 to the (1) Chief Minister , Gujarat (2) District Collector , Navsari (3) Registrar of the High Court of Gujarat.i sent an e mail to the Chief Minister on the same day.The CMO acted promptly and instructed District Collector to look into my grievance on March 03, 2008.

( Continued )


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