RGTIL : Victims United (Edited Version)

RGTIL : Victims United

I have edited RGTIL : Victims United published as a first in this series and replaced it with suggestions to would be victims.

If you are anticipating a damage, if possible , please take following measures as precaution .

1.Get two or three copies of your land records ,authenticated by a local
revenue officer in charge at your place, with crop mentioned there in.

2. Do video-graphy / photography of your site with day ,date and time.

3. Prepare a list of plants and other herbs present on it with its age, cost incurred
for planting and rearing them to today’s level .

4. If your plants are of ecological value , get your site visited by a
botany/horticulture expert and get a certificate from him.

5. Prepare and collect your account receipts date wise & get it updated.

6. You have a people friendly Lokayukta and Chief Justice of High Court of
Karnataka. Address a petition to them in advance and send its copy to
environment minister, Jairam Ramesh .Wait for his reply. Mostly he will avoid.

7. Wait for publication of gazette / notification in English & vernacular dailies . If it
is already published , then lodge a precaution notice to Competent Authority at
the address mentioned in aforesaid gazette / notification.

8. You have to send this material by registered letter and under certificate of
posting so as to a ensure protest proof.
9. Please do not use local language in any communication with any authority. In
case, if you require to place it before High Court, you will have to get it
translated into English.
10. At the time of receiving any award , you write specifically that you are doing
so with objection and you reserve the right to appeal in future.

11. If you have already received an award from Competent Authority , write once
again to him saying that award is not complete and it is not up to your

11. Do not trust any of RGTIL officers and never give any signature on any blank

12. If at all , you sign any paper insist upon having its xerox at once,. Never rely
upon RGTIL officers’ promise to give you papers afterwards.

13 Send a copy of your objection letter to District Magistrate/ Judge . He/she is
the first appeal authority. High Court comes in the next stage , if the matter
is not resoled at the level of District Magistrate/Judge

14.i am posting my first letter to CA, RGTIL on my blog and gradually every day
i will post new material so that people like you get the idea how things work in
RGTIL’s favour..
Never lose courage and patience. It is a race between a turtle and a rabbit, where a turtle wins.

( To be continued)


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