RGTIL : Victims United : 04

Hello World,
i intend to share my case history with you all. This is how it started ;
My case:01 :

Dr.Bankimchandra M. Desai
M.B.B.S, F.C.G.P.
Cell Phone No.: 94261 87102

Permanent Address:
Anshad Street,At & Post : AMRI 396 445,Tal./Dist. Navsari . Tel.No.02637-233691.
Correspondence Address:
”ARNEH”, 03, Mahadevnagar Society, Nr. Majura Gate, Ring Road, Sagrampura,
Surat 395 002.Tel.No.:0261-2477147.

Notice / Complain : Dt. March, 01-2008.

To. Mr. V. I. Gohil
The Competant Authority,
Reliance Gas Ttransportaion Infrastructure Limited,
First Floor,Anandmahal Apartment,
Anandmahal Road,
Surat 395 002.

Re ; Damage to land , crop & field channel/local channel
due to activities of RGTI Ltd.at Village Padgha,

Dear Sir,

I am the possessor farmer and a co-owner of Block No.562 ( Survey No.201+202), Village Padgha, Tal. Dist. Navsari.Recently your company undertook laying in of the underground pipelines for gas transportation. I was deprived of a timely water supply for my paddy seed plot in my Survey No: 201/2 under the pretext of facilitating your company’s work.As a result I could not utilise my land which was already prepared by ploughing and other activities for Kharif ( Summer) Paddy Crop -2008.I have incurred a loss of material & labour cost amounting to approx. Rs. 10,000/ and production loss of approx. Rs. 40,000./
Top of it, field channel/local channel adjoining my Survey No:202, overflowed due to accumulation of water & blockage of the respective channel due to earth work and other activities of your company.This has ruined the prospects of Green Gram Crop –Summer –2008 for the respective survey number and a part of the Survey No. 201. Thus I have incurred a loss of approx. Rs. 10,000/ My aggregate loss is thus approx. Rs. 60,000/
My plea/demand is as following :
(1) your company , RGTI Ltd. must AT ONCE compensate my
(2) your company, RGTI Ltd. must AT ONCE undertake cleaning
& repairing of the aforesaid field channel/local channel so as
to facilitate the flowing of extra/surplus canal water towards
Padgha Lake, failing which I will be free to submit my claim
at a convinient legal & official forum.

Yours Sincerely,
(Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai.)
A.The Chief Minister, State of Gujarat (by e mail)
B. The Collector, District of Navsari (by e mail)
C.The RegistrarGeneral,The Gujarat High Court to join as an aggrieved/third party in person in the present case filed recently in the High Court of Gujarat by Mr Malaviya & others.( by email)


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