RGTIL : Victims United : 03

Hello World,
To my (a) muslim viewers , Id Mubarak
(b) jain viewers, Michchhami Dukkadam
(c) all other viewers ,happy day !

RGTIL : Victims United : 03

Like other industrialists & corporate groups , RIL ,too, maintains a full fledged office & personnel department at New Delhi to serve & sub serve members of Lok Sabha , Rajya Sabha , GoI officers, ministers and individuals who call the shots in decision making. RIL has mastered the art of getting decisions in company’s favour from the days of maverick Dhirubhai Ambani. His sons, Mukesh & Anil have perfected this art .RIL is believed to have a battery of more than 300 loyal MPs of all colours. Whatever opposition people see and read about is all stage managed and as per the script of the company. When the dole is not up to the “satisfaction” , the level of protest by Communists, Socialists , independents, & regional parties , reaches high . When this “grievance “ is addressed to, the opposition becomes mute or they are placed in a stage managed minority at the time of voting. The option most preferred by such opponents , is to boycott the proceedings at the time of division. Outside the house, they pose as heroes. RIL pays very well for their heroic stance .When things become difficult or are made difficult, Mukesh /Anil pays a “courtesy” call to 10, Jan Path fist and then to Prime Minister ! This is the way the desk is cleared from Indira Gandhi’s days. Politicians and industrialists have attained mastery in ‘democracy game’. Pramod Mahajan of BJP added more dimensions to this game .The same drama goes in all state capitals .Media persons extract their share to a considerable extent. That is all about freedom of speech and expression ! Everyone is free to play his or her game!

Once allotment of KG Basin in so called open international bidding is ensured ,exploration of oil & gas is accomplished. The “discovery” is a matter of certainty , because satellite mapping and such geo-physical data is preferentially made available well in advance to RIL, so that RIL bids successfully for the best resourceful site!
Then the selection of site for refinery and exportation terminal is done.
After completion of survey and compilation of data regarding men , material , resources ,the officers of RIL embark upon afresh in winning over IAS & other babu lok in the ministries of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Home , External Affairs, Environment, Industry, Finance and lastly Prime Minister’s Office .Then the publication of Gazette / Notification for Land Acquisition is undertaken .English and provincial language dailies get advertisement revenue which a sure antidote for adverse publicity.

RGTIL has a skeleton staff structure of its own .The person who functions as Competent Authority is provided on request by GoI . He/She gets judicial powers to decide award /compensation under P & MP Act, Land Acquisition Act and all other acts pertaining to revenue & other matters. As this is a “ central govt. matter’ , local /state govt. acts to be helpless. No one is ready to hear any thing about the activities of the company in question .From a Chief Minister to a Circle Officer , everyone takes up a posture of Gandhi’s famous (or say infamous ) monkeys ! The farmers and land owners are wonderstruck because of calculated non- availability of The P & MP Act. The dealers in law books are at askance when a query is placed for bare act. You don’t have to imagine a book containing a commentary of the same! By the time the farmers and land owners realise the damage , company’s job is done and the poor farmers and land owners have to settle with the award by Competent Authority .
(To be continued )

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