RGTIL : Victims United : 02

Hello World,
RIL’s one of the subsidiaries is RGTIL. Its modus operandi is a classical example of hypocrisy of GOI and several state governments . Of course by now with recent experiences of Vedanta & Posco , RGTIL is on back benches albeit steady and progressing as per time schedule in its operations. Rahul Gandhi and Jairam Ramesh will have their litmus test in Karnataka where RGTIL is on the verge of rampage in Tumkur District of Karnataka. All MLAs including CM in Karnataka will be pleased to serve & subsrve RGTIL as their counterpart in Gujarat did. In Gujarat’s case , all Congress MLAs with blessings of Rahul- Sonia- Priyanka kept a safe distance from RGTIL’s operations. These pitty creatures jumped on Dr. Kanu Kalasariya’s protest bandwagon against Nirma’s Mahuve Cement Plant. Dr. Kalasariya should know that Congress & congressmen are no better than BJP & Bjpites .Thery are more discrete and sophisticated in exploitation of corporate companies on one handand farmers- land laborers on other hand. The former gives them booty andthe later gives them votes. Narendra Modi did instruct District Collector of Navsari to look into my grievances . That’s all. After that i was left to mercy of Mr.Gohil,Competent Authority , appointed by Gazette Notification of GoI.Who pays him for his salary and perks? GoI or RGTIL ? To whom his loyalty is vested ? Only Mr. Mukesh Ambani & Parimal Nathwani ( RIL’s Jharkhand MP in Rajya Sabha) know!

It is Narendra Modi’s hoax in the name of development of Gujarat .He is always bothered abour the corporate development which is ironically not Gujarat’s development.

(Continued )


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