Medical Fraternity

Hello World,
i send you the extract from my letter to Jay Narayan Vyas, Health Minister of Gujarat few months back at the time of doctors’ strike. it has relevance to present dilemma created by Dr. Ketan Desai’s scams leading to his suspension from GOG’s job.

The extract reads like ,

“Please let me know the acts and rules governing medical practice and profession for allopaths and other types of doctors.

i need syllabi of Ayurvedic, Homoeopathic, Unani and other disciplines to suggest a common ,minimum programme of further continuing education for graduates of non allopathic branches so as to offer them a degree of MBBS ( Condensed) . My friends in IMA are in fools’ paradise and do not realise the practical ground situation wherein five star and other hospitals are run by non allopaths as house officers etc.

We in Baroda Medical College had a course like this . It was initiated by the then Health Minister Mr. Mohanlal Vyas just to benefit (a)his nephew or niece and (b)a close relative of Kikiben Bhatt, the daughter of Premshankar Bhatt.The moment the ULTIMATE TWO BENEFICIARIES’ training was over, the moment they were awarded the degree of MBBS ( condensed) ,the course was closed for ostensible reason of opposition from Allopathic Medical Fraternity and Gujarat / Indian Medical Council.Such were the gandhians and peers in GMC / IMC in my student days!

As one of the founders of all Gujarat Internees’ Association , Resident Doctors’ Association and Medical Students’ Association ,i have sympathy for medicos.Please see that my cadres are treated well financially.For your knowledge ,i tell you that Ghanshyambhai Oza ministry went home due to such strike by my cadres then and the subsequent upheaval through out Gujarat.Dr. Vasudev Tripathi and Oza Saheb wanted to increase the stipend ,but, Dr. Amul Desai and Dr. Thakorbhai Patel opposed it vehemently. Due to my association with Induchacha , i happened to know Vasudevbhai. We were all sorry that villains succeeded. In the aftermath , i slapped Dr. Thakorbhai Patel. That cost me my medical career and my teacher ,Dr. Thackorbhai Patel lost his chief minister ship. Right now i am not at all active , hence ,you need not have any apprehension. My all cadres through out Gujarat and India are for Narendra Modi and his ministry. We are definitely not with BJP or any
political party for that sake.

Please tackle my boys with love and tender care. They are all over worked and all are under constant duress of their half insane teachers.Now a days ,our medical colleges are nothing but sophisticated factories to manufacture half insane ,money oriented and to some extent revengeful graduates.i can give you several examples of such students salvaged by me. If you decide to publish a white paper on our medical colleges , the teachers will overthrow you!

i take the liberty of sending this mail to Hon’ble Chief Minister for his perusal.

May God bless you and the present Govt.of Gujarat.”

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai.
Amri, Navsari / Surat


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