Land Law Reforms : Gujarat Leads India

i must congratulate Narendra Modi for showing strong political will and commitment to undertake amendment of Bombay Land Revenue Code, 1879, some aspects of which are from Raja Todarmal’s manual from Shershah Suri’s and Akbar’s times ! Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad adopted few new features and did not implement Anderson’s manual in toto.Narendra Modi initiated compulsory night camps of revenue officials as an extension of Sayajirao’s legacy,largely marred by hobnobbing of local BJP and Congress functionaries with night campers.

Despite Narendra Modi’s initiatives much more has to be done, yet.

Board Patrak , Special Revenue Secretary mentions cases of 17-07-2008. Does it mean that the respective court has not heard any case after 17-07-2008?It is difficult to believe , but website states so.

From my own experience i state that , while deciding the matter on ” tukda dhara’ ,the act pertaining to prevention of fragmentation, Circle Officer , Mamlatdar ,Prant Officer , Collector do not take into cognisance the ratio established by judgments of Gujarat High Court.i submitted the copies of judgments of Gujarat High Court at every stage, but, presiding officers did not give any reason for not taking cognisance of the same. i understand that they refrained from giving speaking orders.At the sametime, i respect their right to do so .Hence, further appeals ! Looking at Board Patrak , i doubt the speed with which Special Revenue Secretary’s court can decide the cases in stipulated time, if there is any !
When we are on the verge of changing Bombay Land Revenue Code , i think , there should be rethinking on the working method of our revenue officers at different level.

i intend to take up the issue with Hon’ble Chief Justice , Gujarat High Court .

i invite your views on the subject.

i submitted my suggestions months back to previous Chief Secretary and Registrar General of Gujarat High Court. i am yet to receive any reply.

Please initiate discussion on the subject and oblige.

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,
Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai.
Cell Phone : +91-94261-87102

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5 Responses to “Land Law Reforms : Gujarat Leads India”

  1. hetvisancheti Says:

    Hi, I am a practising lawyer in Gujarat High Court. Would like to join the cause for taking the matter to chief justice !!! Land laws are totally crazy, badly need reforms….. Pls do let me know , how can i help. I am an associate in SV Raju Associates.

  2. Nayan Patel Says:

    tukda dhara no paripatra kyare avashe?

  3. Sanjay Patel Says:

    dear sir,
    tukda dhara no kio paripatra aavyo che k nahi? please janavsho… thanks…

    • desaibankim Says:

      Dear shri Sanjaybhai,Nayanbhai 7 many of my friends,
      i have not received any intimation from Revenue department. i think it will be implemented after 31-03-2013 or agter 30-06-2013.The act is promulgated but rules and regulations,procedures & forms are in preparation stage. As i understand , without abolishing or striking down the Act in toto they have nullified the Act in letter & spirit.If they had not done this, many of circle officers, nayab mamlatdars, mamlatdars, prant officers would be in soup ‘ the Govt. had to do it to save them all and eventually save the govt.itself.These revenue cadres are the real back bone of NaMo Govt.i will post the relevant Blog in due course of time.The coming years require us all to be very vigilant.
      with thanks, love & regards to all.
      Yours sincerely,
      Dr.Bankimchandra M.Desai

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